16 oz Ribeye Steak Sandwich with Horseradish Chévre

Well Fuck. That should be the only intro I really need for this sandwich. @Iknowsarvas was in town and when he visits he brings his “A” game. The culinary skills start to come out late night when the neighbors are over and everyones drinking whisky. It happens every time. Every time we cook it has to out shine the last. If you’re “one of those” who thinks a 16 oz Ribeye Sandwich sounds ridiculous, don’t you worry, we paired it with a “Health Salad.” Topped with Port Wine caramelized Bacon. Our late night is all grown up. Also, I read somewhere that the horseradish cancels out the fat. I made that up. Make this. You’ll thank me.

16 oz Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT


16 oz Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

– 4 16oz Rib Eye Steaks (Bone in)

– 8-10 cloves of Garlic

– 4 Cheese Bagels

– 4 tbs Chevre goat cheese

– Cheyenne Pepper (a pinch for each steak)

16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

– 1 large yellow Onion

– 1 tsp + Horseradish

– Kosher Salt + Ground Pepper


Pick your calorie counter up and chuck it at the wall. You went over on fat.

Makes 4 servings, but easily serves 8 (these are the macros for 4 sandwiches. Not including the Roasted Romain Salad with Port Wine Caramelized Bacon). If you think these macros are high, go to any restaurant and count up what they really sneak into your food. Oil, butter, sugar… at least here you know most of these calories are coming from MEAT!

Protein: 88 g

Carbs: 48 g

Fat: 60 g

Total Calories: 1111


16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

So again, my BBQ is under about 4 feet of snow so I used a cast pan stove top then finished the steaks off in the oven. They were perfect! Grab a tinfoil lined cookie sheet to place the steaks on before they go in the oven.

16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

Prep your steaks, I like to let my meat sit for about 30 minutes on my counter before I cook it. At this time, I chop garlic and sprinkle the steaks with that along with salt and pepper and let them rest.

Heat your cast pan to the upper end of medium high. And pre-heat the oven, High Broil baby.

16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

Work with one steak at a time. Stick it on your grill cast pan until you see pretty grill lines, flip only once. Place each steak on the cookie sheet as you go.

When all the steaks have lovely grill lines, put the cookie sheet of steaks in the oven for about 3 minutes each side. This will be medium rare. When they are finished, pull your steaks out, turn your oven off and let the steaks rest or sit before cutting them.

16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

While your steaks rest, sauté your onions until they are golden brown and add a little salt and pepper. Mix your chèvre with horseradish, toast your bagels.

16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

Let the bagels cool slightly before spreading the chèvre on. Cut the steak against the grain in strips removing the fat (leave some of the marbling, its delicious). place one full steak onto a bagel and top with your golden perfection onions. PS if you want, sprinkle ever so slightly some Cheyenne pepper over your meat before serving.

Serve with my Roasted Romain Wedge with Port Wine Caramelized Bacon. (up next!)




16 os Steak Sandwich ShutupEAT

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