Skinny Monkey Bowl

In a world full of “Chunky Monkeys…” Be a little leaner! I created this super simple bowl because I started to see açaí and yogurt bowls in my clients calorie trackers that were uber high in calories with very little protein. Not that there is anything wrong with that but here’s another option that’s pretty …

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Dynamic AF Verde Chicken

  This is one of my most dynamic chicken recipes EVER because I use it as the base for several of the dishes I make. It’s super simple and flavorful, reheats well and stores great for leftovers. We add this to eggs, tortillas, nachos, taco salads, as a protein for a Mexican style rice bowl… …

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ShutupEAT! Chilaquiles

It’s NEVER too late for Breakfast! I had some leftover pulled chicken this morning and thought I’d put it to good use. This is a lower fat version of Chilaquiles which is a traditional Mexican dish made with tortillas, green or red salsa, pulled chicken, cheese and beans. There are a lot of different styles …

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Muffin-Topped Blueberry Power Muffins

I’ve had several clients ask for a new, “healthy” breakfast idea… “Other than eggs.” Dang-it! I was going to say eggs! I don’t often eat breakfast but when I was younger I was really into Blueberry Muffins with a big pat of salted butter. I was also kinda chubby, I mean, I was basically eating …

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Garlic Herb Mini Pizza (Keto Approved)

“Every PIZZA is a personal PIZZA if you try hard enough and believe in yourself.” I have had a few requests via social media for my Garlic Herb Mini Pizza’s that I created last year. This recipe (WTF) happens to be low low low carb, and “Keto” friendly. My guiltless solution to satisfy your pizza …

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Pumpkin Cashew Curry

Many of you may not know this but, I use to be Vegan. Shocked? Don’t be, I loved being Vegan at the time and I learned quite a bit about diet through those years. Lets say, what to do and not to do.. One thing I love about the Vegan clients I work with is …

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Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce – An Amsterdam Street Adventure

Amsterdam – Street Adventures If you visit Amsterdam and don’t experience the food, you’re going to miss a huge piece of the culture. Exploring the city and peering down each little alleyway of City Center, I couldn’t help noticing the colorful sweets in every other shop window. Almost every store front was either a coffee …

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ChimiChurri Ribeye Steak Tacos

I am a taco enthusiast, and I’m not even referring to the occasional “Choco-Taco” I’ve been known to consume pre training session… I’ve had several requests from clients who have asked for “low carbohydrate, higher fat dinner ideas. Well I have a treat for you friends! “ChimiChurri Tacos?” Yes! And they are delicious! Ingredients You …

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I Heart Waffles

  I think I’m at a pretty good place in life to openly and honestly admit I have a deep love for beautifully crafted sugary desserts. When I first got into diet and nutrition I thought, “one day if I want to get lean, I know I’ll have to cut out the things that I …

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Banana Bread Anonymous

There use to be a little coffee shop below an apartment building I lived in once that made hands down the best Banana Bread. It was Vegan and at the time, so was I. One day the owner loaned me a book, when I got home I opened the book and folded inside the middle …

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