Dynamic AF Verde Chicken

  This is one of my most dynamic chicken recipes EVER because I use it as the base for several of the dishes I make. It’s super simple and flavorful, reheats well and stores great for leftovers. We add this to eggs, tortillas, nachos, taco salads, as a protein for a Mexican style rice bowl… …

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ShutupEAT! Chilaquiles

It’s NEVER too late for Breakfast! I had some leftover pulled chicken this morning and thought I’d put it to good use. This is a lower fat version of Chilaquiles which is a traditional Mexican dish made with tortillas, green or red salsa, pulled chicken, cheese and beans. There are a lot of different styles …

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Muffin-Topped Blueberry Power Muffins

I’ve had several clients ask for a new, “healthy” breakfast idea… “Other than eggs.” Dang-it! I was going to say eggs! I don’t often eat breakfast but when I was younger I was really into Blueberry Muffins with a big pat of salted butter. I was also kinda chubby, I mean, I was basically eating …

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Garlic Herb Mini Pizza (Keto Approved)

“Every PIZZA is a personal PIZZA if you try hard enough and believe in yourself.” I have had a few requests via social media for my Garlic Herb Mini Pizza’s that I created last year. This recipe (WTF) happens to be low low low carb, and “Keto” friendly. My guiltless solution to satisfy your pizza …

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Pumpkin Cashew Curry

Many of you may not know this but, I use to be Vegan. Shocked? Don’t be, I loved being Vegan at the time and I learned quite a bit about diet through those years. Lets say, what to do and not to do.. One thing I love about the Vegan clients I work with is …

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Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce – An Amsterdam Street Adventure

Amsterdam – Street Adventures If you visit Amsterdam and don’t experience the food, you’re going to miss a huge piece of the culture. Exploring the city and peering down each little alleyway of City Center, I couldn’t help noticing the colorful sweets in every other shop window. Almost every store front was either a coffee …

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ChimiChurri Ribeye Steak Tacos

I am a taco enthusiast, and I’m not even referring to the occasional “Choco-Taco” I’ve been known to consume pre training session… I’ve had several requests from clients who have asked for “low carbohydrate, higher fat dinner ideas. Well I have a treat for you friends! “ChimiChurri Tacos?” Yes! And they are delicious! Ingredients You …

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I Heart Waffles

  I think I’m at a pretty good place in life to openly and honestly admit I have a deep love for beautifully crafted sugary desserts. When I first got into diet and nutrition I thought, “one day if I want to get lean, I know I’ll have to cut out the things that I …

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Banana Bread Anonymous

There use to be a little coffee shop below an apartment building I lived in once that made hands down the best Banana Bread. It was Vegan and at the time, so was I. One day the owner loaned me a book, when I got home I opened the book and folded inside the middle …

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Real Deal Bourguignon

Once upon a time I went to Paris… I didn’t love it like everyone else. The End. Nice, France on the other hand is my DREAM city. Everyone was kind and welcoming, the food was delectable, (Alexis and I crushed it at The Alpha Game) and hello, the French Riviera was surreal! Okay, back to …

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