Real Deal Bourguignon

Once upon a time I went to Paris… I didn’t love it like everyone else. The End. Nice, France on the other hand is my DREAM city. Everyone was kind and welcoming, the food was delectable, (Alexis and I crushed it at The Alpha Game) and hello, the French Riviera was surreal! Okay, back to …

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Habanero Hoisin Chicken Sandwich

Lunch probably wont be the same after this. I rarely order sandwiches but my Husband loves them. They seem pointless to me unless they end up actually having lots of protein or are fancy AF. This happens to be both. Hoisin habanero sesame pulled chicken with grilled red onions, marinated cucumbers and chèvre. “Make your …

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ShutupEAT Death By BBQ Ribs

“Forget the dozen roses and bring me some RIBS!!” Nothing says summer like BBQ’d ribs… but then again, we make ribs year round because they are just damn good. They are super easy to whip up for a dinner party or during meal prep. They take a bit of prep time but if you’re chilling …

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Kefta Meatballs With Greek Yogurt Sauce

Have you had Kefta? Once upon a time our friend Sarvas came over and made a Kabob version of this dish with ground Bison from The Honest Bison, grilled peppers and Tahini. What the hell, it was so good we had to re-make it! This recipe is traditionally made with ground Lamb but I love …

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Greek Goddess Lemon Rice Pilaf

One of my favorite foods is rice. Sounds boring right? “Wrong,” rice is a staple for most cultures in the world, it’s inexpensive, clean, simple and easy to digest. It also makes macro counting a cinch. I’ve used this “super” easy recipe for a few years now and even made it as a side dish …

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Holy Molé

This Mole is not only sacrilegious, but it is high in protein, bursting with flavor, and spicy as hell (if you want it to be). This dish taste sooo good over rice, on eggs, or even just on its own, this dish is to die for so add a quesadilla and shutupEAT! WHAT YOU ARE …

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Flourless Chocolate Decadence

This could possibly be one of the best things to hit my mouth! Who doesn’t love CHOCOLATE? Not to mention, the deceiving idea that because it’s “flourless” it’s “healthy.”  We can pretend together. I have to say, this cake isn’t “KETO,” but it is low carbohydrate by default. It’s not a “health treat” it just …

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Spicy Bulgogi Wraps

There is a really cool restaurant we visit when we are in Costa Mesa California that makes Bulgogi Tacos. The “Mexican meets Korean” fusion of course sparked my interest… Bulgogi is actually super easy to make and although I have found a few other recipes I also love, I’ll give you my easiest. This is …

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Thai Chicken Boom Boom Pow

  I love Black Eyed Peas, yes, still. I had to buy the album twice because I played it so much, I also love Thai food, I guess the only thing those two thing have in common are me and my over use of them. This dish is spicy, garlicy, and full of protein. This is …

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My Homegirls Whole Wheat Bread

I know there are so many people who are adamant about staying away from bread. My advice, find a new diet cult because the “no bread” diet sucks. My 8 year old daughter made this bread by herself. She rolled up her sleeves, kneaded the dough and sang some weird 8 year old remix of …

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