Carne Asada Pepper Rolls

This is a super easy, delicious treat for lunch, dinner or just snacking. Packed with good fats and protein, this is a perfect choice for breaking a fast and you’ll stay full for hours!   Ingredients I Used 2 lbs of Carne Asada steak or thinly cut skirt steak 5 strips of thick cut bacon 1 …

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Basic B Pot Roast

Pot Roast is ideal for any occasion.  A family get together, holidays, or just because you need a little red meat in your life.  I try and eat red meat once or twice a week or more if I am feeling low on energy. Although I added the macros as if you are eating equal …

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The Naughty Girl Scout – Paleo Samoa’s

We had a dinner party at our house and everyone brought something to make and share. One friend brought the ingredients to make a little piece of Heaven. I have strayed to the dark side when it comes to baking Paleo, as in I just don’t do it often anymore. I enjoy the flexibility of …

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Protein Pancakes, For The WIN

I eat a variation of these pancakes almost every day. I say “variation” because you can make this recipe fit whatever macro profile you need to hit your target for day. For example, adding extra carbs and protein post workout, or more fat less carbs at night before bed. This recipe not only has kept …

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Let There Be Rib Roast

I’m pretty sure if Adam had to give up this rib, we would all be f*cked. But in all seriousness this could be the best way to eat a ribeye. I love a perfectly cooked roast. The Rib Roast is a classic cut marbled with fat so keeping your spices to a minimum is key. This will …

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The Sexy Quiche

  Egg dishes are always sexy.  I know exactly what’s in an egg and the amount of calories, fat and protein.  These delicious little breakfast quickies, look fancy for weekend brunch and are super easy and reheat well for meal prep.  Enjoy any and every day of the week. INGREDIENTS I USED 4 eggs + 3 …

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Vietnamese BBQ Chicken Bombs

Sometimes when we have been looking after our diet, training hard, and doing our best to look and feel better, it somehow puts us in a lowly funk, it makes us feel like mindless robots, eating quick oats and egg dishes till we feel like we need to claw our taste buds out from lack …

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Chévre Bacon Wrapped Dates

These are actually from vintage ShutupEAT but I’ve had a few people ask for them so I thought I’d post them again. I know a few people who don’t eat Bacon so they will just have to close their eyes and let the rest of us enjoy these porky delicious little treasures.  This is MY …

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Whisky Caramel Cinnamon Rolls

Oh my! These Cinnamon Rolls are so damn good that last time I made them, I had to throw the rest away. Seriously, I didn’t have enough willpower to keep them in the house and not eat them ALL!!  I’m doing what I do best and passing along the recipe to those who may or …

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Perfect Basil Chicken Stir-Fry (Pad Ka-Prao)

POW POW! Yes, Stir-fry is life. I make it often because its easy, I feel like a boss when it reheats to perfection and it’s delicious. My husband and I have a standing joke, no matter what country we are in we always find a Thai restaurant to eat at. The beach in Spain, Thai. Main …

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