Citrus Spiced PULLED PORK


Oh I have a treat for you! This recipe right here has been the most asked for recipe I have made to this day!! Its the original recipe that I shared at the Holiday Party November 2016 that was raved about, Ive made this recipe at countless dinner parties and even cooked it for Henry Cavill when in London last year… Now you can make it too!!

My Citrus Spiced Pulled Pork is super easy, in fact, the first time I made it I completely forgot about it in my oven over night and woke up the next morning to perfection… It practically made itself.  Pulled Pork is so versatile and easy to spice but I picked a theme and ran with it.  I used oranges, cumin, chili powder, all spice, cinnamon, cheyenne pepper, and brown sugar for seasoning, then stuffed the pulled pork in roasted Anaheim Peppers and garnished with Asian Pears and Cotija cheese (just leave off the cheese as a garnish to make this Paleo).  I could eat this every day!  This is a perfect option for meal prep and it reheats perfectly so make enough for the week. The trend is to eat it straight from the roasting pan so make extra!

*Quick note, if you’re making this and you live in the UK, your spices are soooooo much stronger than ours here in the States so go light on the clove, cumin and red pepper. Also, the “chili power” in my recipe would be the equivalent to your Mexican chili spice mix, not cheyenne pepper. I had to relearn some basics cooking in London xo.

Ingredients I Used

– 3.5 lb bone in Pork Roast, Rump or Butt

– 4 oranges, large

4– 5 cloves of garlic

– 1 tbsp garlic powder

– 1 large onion chopped

– 1 tbs salt

– 1 + 1/2 tbs cinnamon

– 1/2 cup brown sugar (or coconut sugar is fine too)

– 1 tbs all spice

– 4 tbs chili powder

– 1 can of sweetened condensed milk

–  3 tbsp. coconut oil

– 4 Anaheim Peppers

– 1 Asian Pear
– 1/4 cup of Cotija Cheese (optional if you want to keep this Paleo)

– 1 Oven Bag (this is used for baking turkeys but they are perfect for a tender roast)

For Those Tracking Their

The macro breakdown for this is 4 servings but you will for sure have leftover pork so enjoy it throughout the week!  Serving size is one Anaheim Pepper with 6 oz of pulled pork garnished with Asian Pear and Cotija Cheese.

Servings 4

 Carbs: 22.4 g

Fat: 9.0 g

Total Calories: 239

This Is How I Did It

Preheat the oven to 200

mix all of the spices and brown sugar in a bowl, rub 1/2 of the spice mixture on the pork roast 

Heat a large pan up to medium high heat.  Place the pork roast in the pan and rotate the roast so each side of the roast seals for about 60 seconds (this locks in the moisture when the pork roasts)

Place the pork roast in the oven bag, place the bag in an oven safe roast pan or oven safe dish.

Cut 3 of the oranges in thirds and squeeze the orange juice into the bag along with the peels. Add 1 + 1/2 cups of water.  zip tie the oven bag with the tie provided and cut 6 slits in top of the bag so the hot air can release… don’t blow up your kitchen.

Put the roast into the oven and cook for 5-6 hours or until the pork shreds off of the bone easily with a fork.

Once the roast is done remove the roast from the oven bag.  Shred the pork into the oven safe pan.  You can separate the fat but keep the meat in the juices. Spice the shredded pork with the remainder of the spices.  Squeeze the other orange over the pork and add the peel.  Cover and re bake on 350 for about 20 minutes.

Slit the Anaheim Peppers length wise and cut the top off. De-seed the peppers and stuff the shredded pork into the peppers. Bake for 20 minutes on 375 or until the peppers are soft.

Plate the peppers with diced Asian Pear and Cotija cheese crumbles (optional)

What in the hell… This dish will blow your mind!!  I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.

**few notes, you can easily make this paleo, leave out the condenced milk and swap it with coconut creamer or coconut milk and use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. If you want KETO swap out the condensed milk for coconut cream and the brown sugar out for splenda brown sugar. Boom! #health



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