Flourless Chocolate Decadence


This could possibly be one of the best things to hit my mouth! Who doesn’t love CHOCOLATE? Not to mention, the deceiving idea that because it’s “flourless” it’s “healthy.”  We can pretend together. I have to say, this cake isn’t “KETO,” but it is low carbohydrate by default. It’s not a “health treat” it just is what it is, delish! This is a lower calorie version of what I normally make so if you have a piece, you don’t have to freakout that you just ate pretty much all your calories for the day in one 3 oz slice of cake. FYI most “Keto approved” desserts aren’t actually Ketogenic (and they are usually 1000+ calories per serving!  Just because the ingredient list is heavy on the fats , doesn’t mean the profile comes out to be ketogenic. Not to worry though, with any basic calorie counting app it’s easy to figure out. You just have to care enough to put the work in.

When I make this cake, I usually make it with a fair trade semi sweet baking chip and cut out the 1/4 cup added sugar all together. I also use heavy cream instead of whole milk because fuck it, I train pretty hard and I can do whatever I want… this cake still comes in at about a 10th of the calories as other “Keto dessert” recipes going around. Also, keep in mind the macro profile for a ketogenic diet is 70-80% fat, 10-15 % protein, 5-10% or the residual in carbohydrate. Don’t get it twisted by thinking piles of nuts and cream equals keto, nuts have a fair amount of carbohydrates to concider. Also, I can assure you that this recipe doesn’t have a bunch of sticky weird lab created ingredients like sugar free jello pudding that basically defeats the purpose of trying to diet in the first place.


INGREDIENTS I USED (listed is the lower sugar recipe)

1 stick of salted butter + 6 tbs

21 oz of Lily’s chocolate chips / or 2 + 1/2 bags (I use semi sweet or milk chocolate high quality fair-trade chocolate but for the integrity of this post, I’ll post the macros for the lower sugar chocolate)

6 large eggs separated

¼ c Splenda Baking Blend or Truvia (I like to use REAL CANE SUGAR)

½ cup of whole milk

Pinch of salt (if using salted butter, leave the salt out) 1449548167639


Whipped Cream Topping: (Optional)

½ cup of whipping cream

½ tsp REAL vanilla extract

1 tbsp Splenda or sweetener of your choice (I use REAL CANE SUGAR)



This recipe makes 12 pieces of very rich decadent cake

Fat: 25

Carbs: 14

Protein: 5

Total Calories: 250

*(With whipped cream topping: 284 cals., 5 g protein, 14.9 g carbs., 28.7 g fat)



Preheat oven to 275

Grease two 8 inch cake pans, spring pans work best. Honestly, for baking only, I like Pam BAKING spray because I know for sure the cake will come out. You can also use butter.

In a large bowl separate the egg whites, keeping the yolks in a small bowl and setting them aside. Its important not to let any yolk get into the egg white, it will make the whipping process more difficult aka impossible

In a microwavable bowl heat the butter and chocolate in 20-30 second increments. Do not let the mixture boil. Stir as you go until the butter and chocolate if fully melted. Let stand about 5 minutes then whisk the egg yolks in followed by the sugar and set aside. You can also do this on the stove on a very low temperature.

Beat the egg whites until the mixture makes “stiff peaks.” This takes a while, if you aren’t seeing a white, almost dry stiff foam keep going, you’ll get there.

Once you are done beating the egg whites, fold the chocolate mixture into the egg whites. Then with a whisk stir the mixture completely together. The mixture should look almost like taffy.

Pour the mixture evenly into the two cake pans and bake until the middle of the cakes stop jiggling, about 20-25 minutes. A good test is to stick a toothpick into the middle and if it comes out clean the cakes are done.

Cool the cakes completely before removing the cakes from the cake pans. Stack the cakes. Serve with homemade whipped cream, or ganache, berries or all of the above. (Remember, adding toppings changes your macros. Don’t eat like an asshole)

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