Things are a little crazy with training right now. I’m doing the CrossFit Open, I also qualified for Battle Of Britain in April which I need to stay fit for. I’m not trying to gain any more muscle or weight like I have been for the past year (thank you Jason Phillips for all of your help! You fucking rock!). I also am not trying to lose or lean out quite yet even though I’m itching for abs, I need to focus on doing well at my upcoming competitions. I have replaced my 2 days a week zone one training with running “slow” (about 6 miles an hour). I am eating about 1500-1700 calories a day sometimes adding in a little more carbohydrate after an Open workout. (This is significantly lower than what I was eating when I was lifting heavy 4-5 times a week.)

I wouldn’t normally recommend going that low in calories with a workload similar to what I am doing + adding in running after not running for a while but I am pretty efficient with running so right now I’m pulling it off. Once I add speed work and distance, I will have to see what I need as I go keeping my focus on performance and fueling for training and recovery. So here we go!

* Note: These are my ideas of what I think I need for MY training. I eat what I want in moderation. I love feed back and I encourage questions. My training and goals change often. If you want to change something, the first question is “what are you doing now?” Be ready to answer! Track your diet and training and modify accordingly.


6 Egg Whites: 21g protein | 1g carb | 0g fat | 102 calories

1c Chopped Spinach: 1g protein | 1g carb | 0 fat | 7 calories

1/2 piece of stolen bacon: 2g protein | >1g carb | 2g fat | 32 calories

1tbs Parmesan: 2g protein | 0 carb | 1g fat | 20 calories

1tbs hummus: 1g protein | 3g carb | 2g carb | 27 calories

2tbs chopped fennel: 0 protein | >1g carb | 0g fat | 3 calories

1tsp butter: 0 protein | 0 carb | 3.8g fat | 34 calories

1/4c 2% milk in my pour over coffee: 2g protein | 3g carb | 1g fat | 30 calories

*Total For The Day So Far: 255 calories | 10g fat | 9g carbs | 29g protein*


1 scoop Clean Protein: 25g protein | 3g carb | 2.2g fat | 130 calories

1 serving of goldfish crackers (55): 3g protein | 20g carb | 5g fat | 140 calories

*Total For The Day So Far: 526 calories | 57 protein | 32 carb | 17g fat*


5 mile run | 50 Minutes | 10:00 Miles (“recovery day”)


3oz Birthday Cake – Best place to put a treat is post training: 2.5g protein | 49g carb | 12g fat | 313 calories total


Chobani Greek Yogurt (low fat): 15g protein | 3g carb | 3g fat | 150 calories


Rare Beef Round Pho noodle soup with 4oz beef, 3/4c rice noodles: 34g protein | 49g carbs | 3g fat | 377 calories


Low Fat Cottage Cheese 1/4c: 7g protein | 1.5g carb | >1g fat | 41 calories

Clean Protein 1/2 serving: 12g protein | 1.5g carb | 1g fat | 65 calories

Whole milk 1/4c: 2g protein | 2.8g carb | 2g fat | 36 calories

Peanut butter 1tbs: 4g protein | 3g carb | 8g fat | 100 calories


**1690 Calories Total | 46g fat | 153g carb | 139g protein**

Note: Normally I would keep my protein slightly lower by maybe 9g and replace those calories with carbs for recovery but it was a Birthday weekend and I really wanted cake. (have I mentioned I make the best damn cake ever. I make the best cake ever)